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Life at The Community School of Auchterarder Life at The Community School of Auchterarder Life at The Community School of Auchterarder Life at The Community School of Auchterarder Life at The Community School of Auchterarder Life at The Community School of Auchterarder Life at The Community School of Auchterarder Life at The Community School of Auchterarder Life at The Community School of Auchterarder Life at The Community School of Auchterarder Life at The Community School of Auchterarder Life at The Community School of Auchterarder Life at The Community School of Auchterarder Life at The Community School of Auchterarder Life at The Community School of Auchterarder Life at The Community School of Auchterarder Life at The Community School of Auchterarder

Hello and welcome to the nursery blog. It is our aim to update this termly.

The nursery blog provides an insight to nursery life and is a great way of sharing our learning, achievements and important information. Writing a blog entry can be time consuming, so we would like to draw your attention to the nursery twitter feed, @TCSoA_Nursery, which you will be able to see to the right of this page. You do not have to be a Twitter user to see what we tweet, as it is streamed here on the blog, but if you do have a Twitter account, please follow us for up-to-date tweets, interactive content and regular updates.

Posting photos and information for parents will be the sole purpose of the nursery twitter feed. If you wish to share personal information or have concerns, please arrange this through the usual communication methods of face to face, email and telephone.

Kind regards,

Vicky Ferguson

Nursery Teacher

Sunday 24th June 2018

I can hardly believe it is coming to the end of term 4. It has been a fabulous term with lovely weather allowing lots of creative outdoor play. The children have investigated sound with our outdoor music station. They have worked hard at learning songs for our preschool leaving assembly which happened only a few days ago. Our outside area took a loose parts revamp and we now have a cosy bench space made out of pallets, our wall space can have various different themes on the go from investigation stations to music areas or imaginative fairy/dinosaur play – all led from the children’s interests.

This term has focused on growing and change, from when the children were born and looking at how plants and animals change. We have watched the pigeon’s nest as it was formed and noted the changes of the squab as it hatched and eventually learned to fly. One of our parent helpers is really keeping our poly tunnel growing; we now have lettuce, potatoes, courgettes, peppers, and tomatoes growing. Hopefully as we near autumn we will have some pumpkins too. Thank you to Eilidh for helping with the seed sowing and maintenance.

Our older children have looked at preparing for school, visiting different areas and participating in play pals. They have loved the school role play area and putting on the uniforms.

Our youngest children have thought about the big red bus, learned lots of new songs and rhymes while participating in lots of messy sensory play. Our latest topic has looked at bears linked to the story of “We are going on a bear hunt” by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury. Did any of you see the paw prints in our garden? Did anyone find the bear? What an adventure we have been on!

To top it off in the middle we enjoyed a Royal Wedding Garden Party. Thank you to so many of our parents and carers coming along to make the morning a success. The children enjoyed dressing up and talking about the wedding. For many weeks we had lots of role play as brides, princes, princesses and wedding guests. The money raised from our party will mean the outdoor area will have lower, easier access sheds for the children. Thanks for supporting the nursery.

On behalf of the nursery team we send massive thanks to all the parents who have signed up to our parental involvement activities over the year. We know it is a big commitment when working but the children have loved showing you round, sharing their learning and having you join in the fun! Mrs. Baxter started her PEEP sessions and there will be more to follow next session. Great fun was had by the parents and children as they took part in group activities together. Look out for our home link learning packs next session too these are well under way for being made.

As it is almost the holidays the line “so long farewell, Auf Weidersehen goodbye” is in my head from the film “The Sound of Music” (which is a favourite film of mine!) It is a sad occasion that we bid farewell to Mrs. Bunyan our red group early childhood practitioner who is retiring.  Mrs. Bunyan has worked for PKC for 24 years and has spent 9 of them working in our nursery. She will be very much missed by the children and staff. We wish her a wonderful retirement. I do believe she has already got many plans for her days!

On the note of the holidays if you are looking for things to do check out this listing form the council:

Well until next term, I hope you have an enjoyable summer break. For our children moving to school I look forward to seeing you all in your uniforms in August and for our returning children I will love to hear about what you have been doing.



Friday 2nd March 2018


Thursday 1st March 2018

Well it is another snowy day as I write this blog. I hope all of you have managed to have fun in the snow and stay warm and dry from the biting winds. As today is world book day I thought it would be good to take a focus on books. The nursery held its monthly Bookbug session this week. Great fun! If you would like to attend the next one it is the last Tuesday in April at 2pm. Reading and singing with children is such a lovely way to have a close bond. It helps develop their focus and attention and doesn’t only need to be part of a bedtime routine. Children love to hear the spoken word as it can set their imaginations running. It helps them seek out information about the world around them helping them make sense of their environments.

Fiction books

The nursery team encourage looking at the pictures and listening to the words. We ask children to recall what has happened in the story, what was their favourite part, we find out what they think the characters might be feeling and if appropriate we stop part way through the story to ask what might happen next. We ask the children about words that are not familiar to them and what they mean, helping them expand their vocabulary. Our questions seek out longer answers not just a yes/no answer.

We don’t just read a story once but re read them often as children get so much enjoyment from the spoken word. In the nursery we provide play choices that allow them to retell the story and invent their own. For example, if the story was about a snowy day we might put out dressing up clothes for the cold, introduce items in the colours of cold weather for arts and leave the book near the drawing table to prompt drawings and invention of their own story. Outside children might be able to tell the story using a variety of props and if the snow is there the rest is history as they create, invent, develop, adapt, discover, experiment and rediscover ways to share from their experience of the story!

Sometimes we read stories without showing the children the pictures so that they can develop their own picture in their imagination, children can be encouraged to draw, paint, roleplay, use puppets to learn from these stories while developing good listening and talking skills. Doing this allows the rich vocabulary of discussion with children, the chance for adults to introduce new language and promote it through play experiences.

Non-fiction books

The ability to look at the images in the books and ask questions about what they see develops the already naturally inquisitive mind of children. To want to know more about a subject and the ability to find it out from looking at non-fiction books is amazing. Again the books can influence the setup of play in the nursery. For example, if a child wants to find out about volcanoes (which has been a big interest in our nursery at the end of last and start of this week) has looked at the book then junk models and construction building takes place, science experiments are on the go as children investigate how lava moves. The rich vocabulary that children speak adds to the information. Words such as “bubbles, boils, ginormous, gloopy, slimy, exploding, sticky, prickly, steamy, smoky” can be heard and developed.

Knowing how much children love books I also love to see the children sit together and retell the story to each other as they share, laugh and build friendships. It always makes me smile as I observe such lovely interactions.

I have only briefly mentioned how the nursery team look at books in the nursery. I cannot advocate enough about how much fun reading to and with your child is even as they get older. Not got books? The local library has an excellent choice of fiction and non-fiction books. Why not take a look when it is safe to do so?

Why not on this snowy world book day snuggle up with your child/ children and read a good book or two or three…

Wednesday 20th December 2017

It’s our second blog entry of the year. As always it has been very busy in nursery. At the end of last term we enjoyed our visit from Mrs Cowan (our parent who’s a vet); she brought in lots of interesting things for us to learn about. This term we had a visit from our local fire fighters.

Since returning in October we have settled another 10 new children into nursery. We are a large nursery so I would ask that you name all of your child’s belongings. No names on items make it much harder for us to know who owns what. Please take time to check out lost property stand in the hallway. If these items are not claimed by the Christmas party they will be donated to charity.

So what have we been doing this term…

We enjoyed dressing up for our Spooktacular Science Day and helped raise funds for Down Syndrome Scotland at the same time. We had lots of fun with messy experiments and sensory play.

We have been taking part in going safe with Ziggy. You should have all received a book or two by now. We have taken the chance to walk and see the zebra crossing on campus and the pedestrian crossing in town. We all know to look right-left-right and again to check. We have role played crossing roads in our garden and making vehicles stop. In our drawing areas we have looked at the people who help us across the road and routes we take to nursery. We have been getting used to our new smartboard and playing our road safety games. Mrs Bunyan has encouraged us to make our own visibility strips. We have explored night and day from a safety aspect to know how to dress and this Friday we will think about why we should wear high visibility clothing.

We have been practicing aiming for a target and throwing and catching. We have been learning to copy the physical actions of sticky kids for our gym times. We have been very creative in the art are with all the loose parts and have created masterpieces of work around the main festival themes.

Outside some children have been enjoying play on pedals. It has been amazing to watch the children learn to cycle. We hope to reschedule our parent events that were cancelled due to the bad weather for some time again soon.

We have more two year olds in and they have been able to enjoy so many different sensory experiences while settling in. Nursery rhymes have remained popular along with the turnaround people blocks and the rubbish bin lorry has proved popular with all our children for all of the tipping and turning.

Mrs Hartley (one of our parents) has helped make a story blanket with the children. I love the creativity and we hope to get many years use out of it.

We have moved on to planting bulbs in our tubs as we think of the seasonal changes. We have enjoyed the festivities of Christmas and are all looking forward to our visit from the man in the big red suit….

This has only been a snap shot of what has been a busy time in nursery. In my next blog I hope to cover some information on loose parts and creativity. Look out for our tweets until next time…

Monday 11th September 2017

Welcome to the new nursery year.

Four weeks have passed and we have been very busy in nursery. On return the children enjoyed exploring nursery rhymes through their play. The children have been singing the songs for Incy Wincy, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Humpty Dumpty. This term we have enjoyed doing lots of activities to develop our fine motor skills.

We have been meeting all our new children and introducing them to our returning cohort. Our new children have been exploring all the different areas in the nursery and have helped contribute to the topics we are exploring. Following on from harvesting the food in our garden (which made lovely snacks) in the next few weeks we will be looking at farming; we have started to look at the different types of crops and the machines used to harvest them. One of our parents will be bringing in baby rabbits for us to look at and we hope to have a visit from the vet to find out about their job and caring for the animals.

Other children have been focussing on what makes a good friend and discussing the importance of sharing and being kind in our play. We have read a variety of stories and developed the Rainbow Fish story with those interested.

We are starting our ‘daily mile’. This initiative is not necessarily about all children walking a mile but being fully active for 15 minutes a day. This term we are starting with a variety of walks on campus.

Ally is back helping us learn some songs in Makaton for some of our future events. While you are out and about can you help us by finding signs of Autumn? We are looking for acorns, conkers and leaves that have fallen from the trees all to add to our loose parts play. Until next time….


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