Blues Music

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   12 Bar Blues      brass      improvisation      Ragtime      riff      Slaves.      syncopation      The Blues Scale      Three      woodwind   
1. What is the name given to the structure often used in Blues music?

2. The first people to perform Blues music were

3. A is a repeated phrase which is found in blues, ragtime and jazz music.

4. Strongly accented notes played "off the beat" is known as .

5. In blues and jazz music there is a lot of . This is when musicians make the music up as they go along.

6. What are the notes called which give the blues its distinctive sound?

7. How many different chords are used in a 12 Bar Blues?

8. A swing band or big band is made up of instruments from three families. They are woodwind, percussion and

9. The saxophone is often used to play blues music. It is a member of the family.

10. Scott Joplin created a style of music which is very famous throughout the world. His most famous piece is called The Entertainer. This is an example of .