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School Reopening FAQs - August 2020

-                - - - - - Please note this information is for secondary pupils only - - - - - -

The purpose of this page is to signpost to the latest information about the reopening of schools and to share the most helpful information about the arrangements for our school.

Full national advice on preparing for reopening of schools can be found here. A summarised version of this advice can be found here.

Perth and Kinross Council’s Reopening FAQs can be found here

Our school’s FAQ can be found below We will be adding questions and responses as we receive and respond to advice in the coming weeks. We aim to share information as soon as it is appropriate to do so.

In the next week we will provide information on our school plans under the following headings. To ask questions about how the guidelines will be adhered to in our school please click here.

As only the frequently asked questions will be answered publicly please leave your name and email address if your question is personal to the needs of your child / family to ensure that a member of staff can contact you. We will not at this time to be able to respond to every survey response but hope that the information shared is what is needed to ensure there is clarity about what returning to school will be like for all concerned.

What are the dates for pupils returning to school


Q: What are the arrangements for the Week Beginning 10th August?


A: The first week of the new term will have a phased return to school for all Perth and Kinross pupils. This will enable focused time for induction for new pupils and reorientation back into the school building for current pupils.  I can advise the following phased return arrangements will be in place for our young people:   
Young people beginning S1 will attend school during normal school hours on all three days of phased return (12-14 August 2020).  Young People in S2 and S3 will attend on Thursday 13 August 2020.  Young People in S4 – S6 will attend on Friday 14 August 2020.


Q: What are the arrangements for the Week Beginning 17th August?

A: Secondary – all pupils to attend for the full week



On arrival at school you must sanitise your hands. There will be sanitising stations as you approach the pupil entrances. You will sanitise your hands on the way into each class. You will also wipe down your desk and chair at the beginning and end of every lesson and sanitise your hands as you leave.

It is essential that your bag, jacket and equipment is left in your locker, under your seat or in the safe space chosen by your teacher.

Do not share your own equipment with others. Where school equipment is shared it will be cleaned after use or left in storage for 72 hours before being used again.  

Proper cleaning of your hands and the surfaces you have touched is a sign of respect for others who use the school.


In corridors we will move to class or out of the building following a one way system. This will be explained to pupils on their first day in school. We will not block corridors. Pupils are asked to keep distanced from other pupils whenever they can. Pupil must not touch one another. Pupils must stay 2m distant from staff.

Keeping groups of pupils apart

Pupils are to attend their timetabled classes. Before school, at interval and lunchtime pupils are expected to mix with their close friends. Keep away from other groups of young people. Give people time and space at shared areas like lockers, bins or toilets.

Wherever possible we are going to keep S1-3 pupils separate from S4-6 pupils.

  • S1-3 pupils will enter the school before 9am, S4-6 pupils at 9am and go straight to their period 1 class. (The introduction of registration classes has been postponed to avoid unnecessary mixing.)

  • To enter and exit (except during a fire drill) S1-3 pupils will use the side door, S4-6 pupils will use the front door.

  • S1-3 pupils will move between classes on the bell, S4-6 pupils will wait until junior pupils have moved away from the classes they are leaving and where possible entered the classes they are going to.

  • S1-3 pupils will be able to use the primary dining centre, S4-6 pupils will be able to use the secondary dining centre.

  • If entering the main school building during break or lunchtime S1-3 pupils will access the ground floor, S4-6 pupils will access the first floor.

  • S1-3 pupils will use one of the toilets on the ground floor, S4-6 pupils will use one of the toilets on the first floor.


Should I wear a facemask

You are not required to wear a facemask. If you do not feel you are able to be as distanced from others as you would want to be you may feel more comfortable if you bring and wear a facemask.


Can I bring my phone to school?

You are allowed to bring your phone to school. Phones must only be out in class with the teacher’s permission. Many staff will be keen to continue to use Microsoft Teams to share work with pupils as this will reduce the use of physical resources. Pupils can bring laptops and iPads to school but they are unlikely to be able to charge them as they will not have been tested for use in school. The school cannot accept responsibility for any damage done to a pupil’s personal device in school and parents may wish to consider checking their insurance before allowing a child to bring a device in to school.

What happens if someone is unwell?

If anyone is unwell they will be kept off school. If someone comes to school with Coronavirus symptoms or develops them in school the school will record their symptoms, arrange for them to collected from school and ensure NHS Test and Protect procedures are followed.

How will we know where to go on the first day?

You will be greeted and shown to a table based on your year group and surname and be given your timetable. You will go to your registration class. S1’s will be taken to their classrooms by staff.

What about practical classes?

At the start practical classes will not be able to run as normal. Guidance may change and teachers will do their best to give pupils an interesting experience in their subject while following rules to keep everyone safe. PE changing rooms will not be used initially. Pupils should come to school on the days they have PE wearing clothes which are appropriate for light physical exercise. There will be classrooms available if weather is poor as indoor PE activities are not permitted at this time. We will update you if there is any change to this information.

I usually get support in class – how will that work?

The Pupil Support Teachers and Pupils Support Assistants will continue to support pupils in class. This may be altered to allow for 2m distance between these staff and the pupils they support. Support staff working more closely which pupils will have additional PPE. The class teacher, support staff member and the principal teacher of support for pupils will decide how best to offer support to pupils.


Can I bring my bag and use my locker?

You can bring your bag to school. You can use your locker. You must only go to your locker when you absolutely have to and only ever at the beginning and end of the day, at interval and lunchtime. You will take work to and from class and only leave things in the classroom if your teacher has decided that it can be stored in a safe place with a reduced risk of being touched by other pupils.

Which toilets should I use?

S1-3 pupils should use the pupil toilets on the ground floor, S4-6 should use the pupil toilets on the first floor. Wherever possible choose 1 toilet which you will use rather than going between different toilets. The toilets will be cleaned often throughout the day. Pupils should use the toilet before school and at interval and lunchtime. A record will be kept of pupils who have to ask out of class to use the toilet and this information can be shared with parents. Pupils who have a medical issue meaning they need to access the toilets more often should bring a note from home to explain this to their guidance teacher. They will be given a toilet pass. A record will still be kept of the times they are out of class.

What about interval and lunchtime?

Pupils should bring their own snack for morning interval. Pupils should eat and spend intervals and lunchtime outside as much as they can. At lunchtime, S1-3 pupils can use the primary dining centre, S4-6 pupils can use the secondary dining centre. There will be fewer lunch options. Food can be taken from the dining centre and eaten outside. Pupils may choose to bring a packed lunch or get food from a local business. Lunches should not be eaten in the main school building. Pupils can access the main building to use the toilets and wash their hands. They may also choose to stay in the building in poor weather but it is much better if they can be outside in the fresh air.

What about prefects?

The normal duties of a prefect place require them to supervise and move around between younger pupils. As we are trying to avoid this prefects duties will have to be considered carefully and are likely to be significantly reduced at this time.

What do I do if someone is not following the rules?

If you are concerned about people not following the rules you may feel like you can speak to them about it directly. Please also let the school staff know either by speaking with a teacher you trust or sending a message to your guidance teacher by clicking on this link. People not following the rules are potentially risking the lives of others in our school community and failing to show respect - our school value.

How can I see my guidance teacher?

You can request a meeting with your guidance teacher by clicking here. Miss Brooks and Mrs Kesson have PSE lessons to teach but will find you and arrange a meeting or deal with your concern if you share it with them. They are likely to also contact your parents to make sure that you are OK.


This is not an exhaustive list and more topics and fuller responses may be added as new guidance is shared and additional questions are asked by pupils, families and staff.


If you have any comments, suggestions or further questions please add them here.